Marcus Akinlana is a professional artist and Olorisa Sango (priest – a practitioner of traditional West African culture).  Marcus Sangodoyin Akinlana began formally studying Orisa/Vudu, Ifa and traditional African culture in 1989.  He had the good fortune to train under and/or work with several enthusiastic Awo and Olorisa, including Oni Aganju Heriberto Gonzalez, Iyanifa Ifalola Omobola, the late great Babalorisa Sr. Cristobal Cabrera, Babalawo Temitayo, his Ojugbona, the late great Oluwo Chief Adenibi Ajamu and his Babalosa, the Alagba of Ile Ifa Jalumi, Agbongbon Sangodina Ifatunji and family.  After receiving several smaller rites, rituals and training during the 1990s, Akinlana was initiated to Sango at Ile Ifa Jalumi of the Oyotunji lineage in 2003.  Currently, he is the Baale of Ile Eko Asa Yoruba ni New Orleans.  He is assisted by Fatu Omoleye Akinlana in the priestly duties of the Ile. Ile Eko Asa is a training institute and repository of African traditional culture and spirituality based in New Orleans and serving the Deep South and beyond.


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