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Ekaabo, Welcome as we introduce our Patreon page.  

​​Our site is designed as an online success school with the main emphasis on sharing over 51 combined years experience on how to use African Cultural Genius, Ifa, Voodoo, Yoruba, Sierra Leonean and West African Diasporic culture to guide and assist you in a life more abundant, powerful, tranquil and successful.

​​On our site we will:

  • ​Share practical, down to earth, tried and true, effective Juju to change energies in your world for the better.
  • Teaching you how to become a Voodoo Creator - little by little.
  • Share and teach African Cultural Genius and both Yoruba and Voodoo culture, traditions and effective rituals that change circumstances for your benefit.

This site is good for all lovers of African Cultural Genius.

Those interested in aligning themselves with the super success power of Orisa, people of all different nationalities, races and orientations who want help from the living well spring of African Cultural Genius and Ifa/Orisa Voodoo and who want to have a more balanced and harmonious life.

​On our site we will share the grand adventure of Orisa/Voodoo African Diasporic history from Ile Ife - Segu - Freetown - New Orleans and beyond. We will share success methods of living an abundant life, having successful families, gaining self confidence, developing community success through Orisa/Voodoo, in a non  proselytizing pushy way.

​Adupe for joining our Ile Eko Asa Yoruba Ni New Orleans family, we hope that these teachings in Juju serve you like they served us.

Here is one of our videos from Juju Power:Orisa Vudu Inspired Living Online Success School, if you like what you see visit our patreon page, there are many more ...

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