Personal Thoughts on Esu

Part 1 (Part Two coming up)

By Mrs Fatu Omoleye Akinlana

Ile Êkö Àÿa Yorùbá Ni New Orleans



"Esu ni Champion si gbogbo aiye"

(Esu is the Champion of the whole world!)

From Akinlana's Sketchbook 


Esu- The Orisa of the crossroads, who solves issues quickly and works in lightening speed.


In dealing with Orisa, Esu has claimed a special place in my heart.  I can count on him to be there when I need him and to respond quickly when I need results, big or small Esu is my ace in the pack.  For example, I usually go to Esu when I need quick results.  If I am on deadline and in that eleventh hour my computer starts acting ballistic and the pressure is really on.  I run to Esu with a prayer and an offering and Esu usually takes care of the problem and the deadline is reached.


Esu has taught me the importance of observing rank and order.  I fully understand and appreciate the concept of paying respect and dues to the keeper of the crossroads.  Any libations, prayers and offerings must be first given to Esu before all others, to ensure that the road is open to all others.  In understanding this order, it has taught me to always in life, pay respect to the first, that which brought you into being.  I cannot stand here without acknowledgement to my parents, my grandparents, my lineage, my heritage, my people and my humanity.


So with a smile and good humor, I enjoy my relationship with the great Orisa Esu who opens the road and ensures that we stay on our path or else!


Ase Baba.