What is Divination?

A "reading" aka Ifa/Merindinlogun (16 cowries shell) and Obi Abata (kola nut) divination is a system where well trained diviners use sacred kola nuts, palm kernels, cowries etc. to cast various Odu (verses) from the ancient and powerful corpus of IFA and the Orisa in order to help folks be successful in achieving their higher destinies, be successful in life, business, relationships, new opportunities, guide family life, align one's ORI (head) with the divine wisdom of the Orisa/Loa and Egun (Ancestors), foment strong marriages, find one's destiny and/or improve and mitigate difficult times, avert death and disaster and MUCH MUCH MORE …


Furthermore, you do not need to be in the Yoruba/Vudu tradition to receive a reading and get help.  People from all walks of life and religious faith can get help from our culture openly while being respected.  We do not attempt to convert, cajole or convince.  We do interpret the messages from Orisa and Egun (Ancestors) and share that.


Readings are absolutely confidential and the results of your reading will not be discussed with anyone outside of the priesthood, except you have authorized it.


Although it is preferred for clients to be physically present, readings can be done via phone, Skype, Google chat for those who are not physically in New Orleans.  Either way the readings are just as effective, doing readings with the aid of technological communications does not compromise the quality of the service!


In the words of Babalorisa Fagbamila Fagunwa, our Egbe brother "Whenever the Orisa speak, its a blessing!"


 Some Benefits of Divination:

  • Experience direct access to the life affirming and peace giving words and wisdom of the Orisa/Loa (Gods) and Egun (Ancestors)
  • Obtain SUCCESS, balance and stability in your personal, family, marital and love relationships
  • Achieve CLARITY of mind
  • Obtain powerful divine guidance and strategies for business and financial success and LONGEVITY
  • Achieve the ability to transcend and TRANSFORM situations for the better through divination and ebo (appropriate sacrifices) in order to IMPROVE your quality of LIFE
  • Be centred in your own unique DESTINY
  • Be blessed with access to the sacred ODU IFA (verses from the sacred corpus) and the wisdom contained within
  • Know what, when and how to make POWER moves for personal success
  • Ascertain indepth KNOWLEDGE of what is going on in, around and behind any situation in life including your job, an upcoming trip or move, a new relationship, spiritual life, etc
  • Find out what is for YOU and gain confidence in your role in life 
  • Get help from Orisa/Loa in the HARMONIOUS raising and rearing of your children and guidance for your family
  • Achieve harmony and BALANCE in male/female gender relationships
  • In many instances avoid premature death and debilitating disease
  • HEAL family wounds and divisions
  • Alleviate depression
  • Find solutions to psychological problems
  • Enjoy divine assistance in miraculous physical healings
  • Get PEACE of mind
  • Deepen your knowledge and insight of the scientific metaphysical workings of the world we live in
  • Heighten your maturity
  • Help to align your Ori (head) with Orisa
  • Opens the roads for good HEALTH (ilera) and long life (aiku)
  • Avoid hidden traps and secret conspirators
  • Be victorious over your enemies
  • Get help surmounting obstacles

You may experience one or many of these benefits and even other benefits from Orisa, everyone's destiny is different.

  What Divination is Not:

  • Quick fix to solving problems
  • Manipulative magic
  • Hocus Pocus
  • Fortune telling
  • An attempt for us to get money from you or manipulate you in any way
  • A way to receive validation for immature desires or behavior
  • Hexes or jinxing or wishing harm on others or any type of negative or evil doing
  • Based on "clairvoyance" that only some special mysteriously gifted person can do. (In fact, a well trained Olorisa interprets for the client the sacred Odu Ifa and may use some clairvoyance as well)
  • Superstition